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Dr Going brief 1814.pdf
Ten folded sheets containing a brief prepared by Edmund Pennefeather on behalf of Doctor Going for a conference with G.R. Daniel Esq. council on behalf of Wm Aldwell Esq. 25 June 1814

Aldwell Going deed of confirmation 1814.pdf
Four folded vellum sheets containing the deed of confirmation from William Aldwell Esq. to John Going Esq. of three undivided fifth parts of Ballylusky and other lands in the County of Tipperary. 26 November 1814

Aldwell Going Agreement 1813.pdf
Folded vellum document on two sheets detailing an a greement between William Aldwell Esq. Dublin and Dr John Going Esq. for the lease of one fifth of the lands of Ballylusky, Co. Tipperary for three lives or 31 years at £55 per year. 4 January 1813

Aldwell Going 1804.pdf
Folded vellum document on three sheets for the conveyancing of a sale of the Aldwell siblings shares in the land of Ballyluskey, Co. Tipperary to Dr. John Going for £2,187. 3 February 1806

Aldwell and Going Ballylusky lease 1814.pdf
Folded vellum document from William Aldwell Esq. to John Going Esq. for the Lease of one undivided fifth part of the lands of Ballylusky etc. in the county of Tipperary at the yearly rent of £55. 26 November 1814

Aldwell and Going Ballylusky conveyance 1814.pdf
Folded vellum document on two sheets being a deed of conveyance between William Aldwell and John Going of a fee farm lease for the lands of Ballylusky, Kilkenny Beg and Garrangeeky in the Barony of Middlethird, Co. Tipperary. 26 November 1814

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