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Young riders with the hunt.jpg
Colour image of three young riders with the hunt. 1970s

Pony and rider at Holycross gymkhana June 1973.jpg
Colour image of a young girl and her pony at Holycross gymkhana. 1973

Marie O'Neill 1973.jpg
Colour image of Marie O'Neill riding across a field with the hunt. 1973

Maria O'Neill hunting.jpg
Colour image of Maria O'Neill on a country road riding her pony. 1970s

Junior hunt members 1976.jpg
Colour image of two junior hunt members on their ponies outside Holycross Abbey. 1976

Holycross Gymkhana 1973 children at Irish dancing display.jpg
Holycross Gymkhana. young girl at the Irish dancing display. 1973

Young rider on a pony Holycross gymkhana 1973.jpg
Colour image of a young rider in a blue shirt on a pony at Holycross gymkhana 1973

Two girls sitting in restored cloister Holycross Abbey.jpg
Colour image of two girls Carmel Quirke and Michelle Quilligan sitting in the restored cloister of Holycross Abbey

Two children and a dog in snow with Abbey in background 1977.jpg
Colour image of two children and a dog playing in snow with Abbey in background 1977

Two boys playing in the snow Holycross.jpg
Colour image of two boys playing in the snow at Holycross
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