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C. Vol 2 Parish of Youghalarra..pdf
23 page collection of Youghalarra gravestone inscriptions from Youghalarra graveyard and Youghalarra church graveyard, and the graveyards description of Civil Parish of Youghalarra by Robert Bonfield

A. Vol 7 Parish of Uskane..pdf
4 page collection of Uskane Old Graveyard gravestone inscriptions with a short description of the Civil Parish of Uskane

Twomileborris Old Graveyard.pdf
25 page collection of Twomileborris Old Graveyard gravestone inscriptions with a personal names index

Thomastown Graveyard Inscriptions..pdf
7 page collection of Thomastown graveyard gravestone inscriptions with notes and references.

A. Vol 12 Parish of Terryglass..pdf
25 page collection of Parish of Terryglass gravestone inscriptions from Terryglass Church of Ireland and Terryglall Roman Catholic graveyards, with the graveyards description by Denise Foulkes.
Note: Some words in the document are illegible, page…

B. Vol 9 Parish of Templederry..pdf
21 page collection of Parish of Templederry gravestone inscriptions including
Templederry Church of Ireland church graveyard, memorials within the church,
Templederry Roman Catholic church and grounds
Curreeny Graveyard
with the Parish of…

C. Vol 3 Parish of Templeachally..pdf
40 page collection of Parish of Templeachally gravestone inscriptions with an introduction by Denise Foulkes and Nancy Murphy, and inscriptions from Templeachally Graveyard, Ballina Roman Catholic church

St. Johnstown Graveyard..pdf
13 page collection of St. Johnstown Graveyard gravestone inscriptions including indexes of personal names, place names and stone cutters

B. Vol 10 Parish of Nenagh..pdf
18 page page collection of Parish of Nenagh gravestone inscriptions, including:
(a) Tyone Graveyard
(b) Workhouse Graveyard
(c) St. John the Baptist Church
and an Introduction.
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