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Killough conveyance 1888.pdf
An original manuscript conveyance of a parcel of land in Killough, Co. Tipperary in 1888 between James Daly esq. to Edward Cosbie Bayly esq. giving the history of Daly's acquisition of the land from the Bishop of Cashel and with later amendments when…

Rental and particulars of the Noan Estate 21 Jan 1853.pdf
An eight page rental with map of the Fee simple lands of Noan, Horsepark, Ballyregane, Pierstown, Ballinglara and Ballygrehenny and the lands of Ballynure under a lease for lives renewable for ever. To be sold by auction on Friday 21 January 1853.

Whyte of Ballyoughter 1663.pdf
A 17th century manuscript quitclaim by Nicholas Whyte of Co. Kildare with seal, for 36 s paid by Lieut. Col. William Moore, of any right to arrears of profit from townlands of Balloughter, Barony of Lower Ormond. Under his Majesty's Act of…

A Tipperary Landed Estate _ Castle Otway 1750_1853.pdf
A study of Castle Otway a smaller landed estate in Tipperary owned by the Otway family through Cromwellian land grants for the years 1750 to the sale of the estate in 1853
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