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Lady seated outdoors.jpg
Black and white image of a lady in hat and cape holding flowers sitting in the garden. Portland Park. Possibly Ellen Butler-Stoney snr.

Sharkey siblings 1915.jpg
The Sharkey siblings 1915. Left is Gerard, centre front Albert and right Irene. Back right John. Jim not in photo. Black and white image

Albert Sharkey portrait.jpg
Albert Sharkey, brother of John Sharkey. Portrait photograph. No date

Portrait photo of a boy.jpg
Portrait photo of a boy, seated. Black and white image. 1921.

John Sharkey.jpg
Head and shoulder portrait photo of John Sharkey. No date. Black and white

Head and shoulder Image of a young woman titled Irene. Irene Sharkey, sister of John Sharkey. Black and white. 1921?

Unknown man and woman.jpg
Man and woman in studio portrait. Black and white image derived from glass plate negative
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