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postcards of Tipperary Town_017.jpg
Black and white postcard of Lady altar in St Michaels Church Tipperary Town. Postmark 20 Apr 1935

postcards of Tipperary Town_016.jpg
Black and white postcard of Main street Tipperary Town with carts. Postmark 5 Aug 1916

postcards of Tipperary Town_015.jpg
Black and white postcard showing a view of Main Street Tipperary Town with a parked car, a donkey and cart and bicycles.

postcards of Tipperary Town_014.jpg
Black and white postcard of the sanctuary in St. Michaels R.C. church in Tipperary Town. Postmark 5 Feb 1917

postcards of Tipperary Town_013.jpg
Black and white postcard showing a view of the railway at Tipperary Town. No date

postcards of Tipperary Town_010.jpg
Colour postcard of a view down St. Michaels Street in Tipperary Town. Postmark 25 June 1913

postcards of Tipperary Town_009.jpg
Colour postcard of a view of Tipperary Town with the Galtees in the background. Postmark 29 Dec 1910

postcards of Tipperary Town_008.jpg
Colour postcard of the Town Hall on Mitchell Street in Tipperary Town. Built 1876. Postmark 24 April 1914

postcards of Tipperary Town_007.jpg
Black and white postcard of the Martyrs' Monument in Tipperary Town. Also known as the 'Maid of Erin'. Erected in 1907 to commemorate the Manchester Martyrs execution of 1867. Postmark 10 Aug 1907

postcards of Tipperary Town_006.jpg
Black and white postcard of a drawing of the Kickham Monument in Tipperary Town by Terry Williams. Postmark 1978
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