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Fr Kennedy with Rex_Holycross in background Nov 1976.jpg
Colour image of Fr Kennedy with Rex and Holycross Abbey in background Nov 1976

Fr Kennedy Rex and friends 1980.jpg
Colour image of Fr Kennedy and two girls at his front gate with Rex standing on his shoulder. 1980

Fr Kennedy in top hat Farney Castle 1972.jpg
Colour image of Fr Kennedy in a top hat standing by a fireplace in Farney Castle. 1972

Fr Kennedy Bridie and Corings 1975.jpg
Colour image of Fr Kennedy his sister Bridie and the Corings in Father Kennedys house. 1975

Fr Kennedy and Rex with cottages in background 1977.jpg
Colour image of Fr Kennedy standing at his gate with Rex sitting on the gatepost and thatched cottages in the background 1977

Fr Kennedy and his pal Rex in Holycross Nov 1976 (2).jpg
Colour image of Fr Tom Kennedy with his dog Rex standing by a stone wall with Holycross Abbey on the opposite bank of the Suir. Nov 1976

Fr John and Sr C at rockery in Holycross.jpg
Colour image of Fr John and Sr C standing by Fr Kennedy's rockery in Holycross. No date

Fr Jim and Francis 1974.jpg
Colour image of two priests Fr Jim and Francis sitting by a window 1974

KEN 503.jpg
Black and white digital image. Colourised digital image.

KEN 351.jpg
Black and white digital image
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