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The Local Studies Department is the primary resource for local history research in County Tipperary for historians and enthusiasts. It has a dedicated reading room with modern research facilities.

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Hipped roof thatched cottage Puckane 1971.jpg
Colour image of a white hipped roof thatched cottage in Puckane 1971

E Cox with dog Puckane 1971.jpg
Colour image E Cox with collie at a cottage in Puckane 1971

Coxs at cottage in Puckane October 1971.jpg
Colour image of the Coxs at a cottage door in Puckane. October 1971

Puckane ITA Report.pdf
A record of the Irish Tourist Association topographical and general survey of Puckane, its natural features, antiquities, historic associations, sport, etc.

A. Vol 7 Parish of Killodiernan..pdf
17 page collection of Killodiernan gravestone inscriptions. Includes inscriptions in Killodiernan Graveyard, Killodiernan Church of Ireland Graveyard, memorials within Killodiernan Church of Ireland, memorials within Puckane Roman Catholic church
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